SMU Veterinary student studying in library

Student Experience

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St. Matthew’s students excel in and out of the classroom.

St. Matthew's University participates in numerous events and fundraisers while collaborating with organizations including Johns Hopkins International, Cayman Heart Fund, Department of Agriculture and Cayman Islands Humane Society.

Life on Campus

Some of the most vibrant coral reef systems in the world exist in Cayman waters, which offer wonderful opportunities to scuba dive, snorkel and swim in tropical seas that are warm year-round.

Since the main campus and residence halls are just steps away from the famous Seven Mile Beach, students can literally walk out of their class for a quick swim, snorkel, sunset volleyball game, or even to study on the beach.

Life in Grand Cayman

While the diverse accents and idioms of Caymanians, Jamaicans, Europeans, Hondurans and Filipinos may take some getting used to, there is no denying the hospitality of the local people, the superb weather, stunning beaches and great restaurants and nightlife that make the transition to this new country easy, as well as exciting.

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