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Pre-Veterinary Master’s Program in Biological Science

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The Pre-Veterinary Master’s Program

The Pre-Veterinary Master’s Program is an accelerated veterinary education program for career changers — those who have an undergraduate degree in something other than the typical pre-vet majors. After successfully completing this 2-semester, 8-month program offered by Medical University of the Americas, students will be eligible for admission to St. Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine’s veterinary program. Students are also awarded a Master’s Degree in Biological Science from Medical University of the Americas. The curriculum is offered online, and students may begin the program any of three times per year — in January, May, or September. Students may attend asynchronously to allow for convenient attendance for students living in a variety of time zones. Students may also attend the program on a part-time basis.   



Guaranteed Admittance

Students who successfully complete the program will be automatically admitted to the DVM program, avoiding the challenges, expenses and delays of applying to veterinary schools separately.

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Save Time

Enter veterinary school 8 months after beginning the program, rather than 2+ years via other Master’s programs (1+ years in program plus “glide year” while applying).

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Earn 2 Degrees in Less Than 5 Years

Obtain both a Master’s Degree in Biological Science (MSc) and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree (DVM) – if you wish to pursue your DVM after the pre-vet. 

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Grow Your Network

Begin veterinary school with a built-in support system of friends and study partners.

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Top Faculty

100% of the Pre-Veterinary Master’s Program faculty hold a PhD, DVM or MD degree.

Admission Requirements

  • Entry Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (or comparable) from an accredited institution.
  • English Proficiency: Since English is the language of instruction at St. Matthew’s, it is important that applicants be prepared academically to pursue the curriculum and be able to communicate effectively. Applicants whose principal language is not English may be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Program Costs

  • Tuition: $7,000/semester
  • Fees: $2,500/semester